Mercado de separadores/recicladores para baterías de litio

The global demand for separators used in lithium rechargeable batteries reached 630 million in 2013, which is twice the level of 2010 (365 million), and is expected to grow at 24% GAGR till 2020, reaching 3,022 million after six years.

Although 16% of the entire separator market was occupied by medium to large sized battery applications, small-sized applications are expected to be on an equal with their counterpart in terms of market demand by 2019.  In 2010, those used in medium to large sized batteries accounted for only 0.3% of the entire separator demand.

Based on revenue, the market already exceeded $1 billion in 2012 and is expected to triple, exceeding $3 billion by 2020.

This report examines of the functions of separators, which determine safety of LIBs and provides a close look at a newly emerging technology oated separators.   Coated separators are expected to grow rapidly and serve as a new market driver for the overall separator market in the future.  This report also provides market analyses and forecasts of coated separator products and potential applications.  

In particular, this report covers important market issues in seven sectors along with analyses for each issue.  It also provides market forecasts for EV and ESS applications, and analyzes future trends in separator technology development, including detailed descriptions of coated separators and solid electrolytes.

Strong Points of This Report

Focus on market analyses 
Separator purchasing trend of LIB makers
Trend of separator makers
Intensive analyses of Top 7 market issues  (emerging markets, battery safety, coated separators, Chinese separator manufacturers, and related patents)

Please note: the online download version of this report is for a global site license.


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