Global Annual Sales of E-Bicycles are Expected to Exceed 40 Million Units by 2023

While e-bicycles are still an emerging market in North America, where they have largely been viewed as a novel type of sporting equipment rather than a vehicle for transportation, they have developed into a mature market in many countries in Asia Pacific and Western Europe, where strong commuter cultures utilize e-bicycles for everyday transportation.  Along with technology advances in e-bicycles, emerging trends in cities worldwide have helped position this market for accelerating growth.  According to a new report from Navigant Research, worldwide sales of e-bicycles are expected to grow from 31.7 million annually in 2014 to 40.3 million in 2023.

“The global market for e-bicycles continues to expand with the advent of new technology developments and the increasing affordability and availability of product offerings,” says Ryan Citron, research associate with Navigant Research.  “Among other trends, combined throttle-control and pedal-assist models, electric cargo bicycles, all-in-one retrofit kits and wheels, and the use of e-bicycles in police patrol and security applications have all contributed to creating a growing global market with strong potential.”


Revenue from Materials for Advanced Batteries is Expected to Reach $19.3 Billion Annually by 2023

The battery industry is in the midst of a dramatic transformation.  Long ruled by the lead-acid and primary alkaline chemistries, the market is experiencing a new wave of advanced battery chemistries that is beginning to penetrate the stationary, portable, and transportation markets.  According to a new report from Navigant Research, worldwide revenue from materials for advanced batteries is expected to grow from $7.3 billion annually in 2014 to $19.3 billion in 2023.

“The supply chain that provides materials into the advanced battery industry is no longer a specialty chemicals business,” says Sam Jaffe, principal research analyst with Navigant Research.  “It is now a mature and commoditized ecosystem that, while still expected to grow dramatically over the next 10 years, has established the scale and expertise to provide enormous amounts of materials at extremely low price points.”


Three-Quarters of Vehicles Sold in 2035 Are Expected to Have Autonomous Capability

The first vehicles with some level of self-driving capability are expected to come to market by 2020, with sales volumes for autonomous vehicles likely becoming significant by 2025.  Although the legal and regulatory barriers to fully autonomous vehicles are high, the technology has the potential to transform the automobile industry and significantly lower roadway accidents.  According to a recent report from Navigant Research, the proportion of vehicles sold worldwide with some degree of autonomous capability is expected to reach 75 percent by 2035.

“Autonomous vehicles have been a goal of automotive engineers for many years, and the competition among automakers to bring autonomous features to market is accelerating,” says David Alexander, senior research analyst with Navigant Research.  “In the long term, vehicles with self-driving technology may provide the optimum solution for personal mobility on demand.”


EVENT: Building Health Forum

December 11

San Francisco, California

Noah Goldstein, research director at Navigant Research, will be in attendance. To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

Unlike any event before it, the Building Health Forum welcomes more than 300 of the world’s preeminent experts and thought leaders pioneering the healthy buildings and healthy communities movement for a series of provocative keynotes, educational sessions, tours and networking receptions. We’ve secured an outstanding lineup of speakers including Majora Carter, David Orr, Dick Jackson, Antwi Akom, John Picard, as well as top executives from Google, Facebook,, Kaiser Permanente and other leading Bay Area companies.

The Building Health Forum is the first feature-length event produced by the Building Health Initiative, an unprecedented coalition of 40 world-class companies and organizations from multiple sectors revolutionizing procurement strategies, fostering healthier communities and, ultimately, reframing green building as a public health issue.  Click here for more information.

EVENT: Internet of Energy Virtual Summit 2014

December 16

100% Online

Mackinnon Lawrence, research director at Navigant Research, will discuss The Emerging Internet of Energy: Market Drivers, Growth Opportunities, and Industry Challenges at 9:00 am EST. To schedule a meeting at this event, Please Contact Us.

The Internet of Energy Virtual Summit 2014 examines the value proposition, enabling technologies, and dynamic, integrated networks that are empowering the effective control of distributed energy resources. The dynamic interface between distributed generation resources and the expanding cloud of connected devices (including electric vehicles, commercial and residential buildings, offices, electrical devices, appliances, etc.) is the focus of this Virtual Summit — from distributed embedded systems to power control strategies and strategic business models.

The Internet of Energy Virtual Summit 2014 will play a critical role in harmonizing the grid of the future via advanced analytics, the coordination of microgrids and the orchestration of next-generation virtual power plant entities across multiple stakeholder domains. Join your colleagues for this one-day, focused event as we carefully examine this emerging technology area.

EVENT: 4th Plant DDD – Managing the Power Plant Decommissioning, Decontamination & Demolition Process

January 13 – 15

Charlotte, North Carolina

Save 15% on with Discount Code 1504MEDIA15

To address these questions, Infocast presents the 4th Plant DDD: Managing the Power Plant Decommissioning, Decontamination & Demolition Process, which again will bring plant and decommissioning project managers together with utilities, leaders in environmental remediation, demolition and investment recovery. These key industry leaders will gather to provide lessons learned and key takeaways on key issues such as: identifying environmental and safety risks, integrating liability management into the project and contracting structures, assessing plant shutdown costs and retirement obligations, and managing the decommissioning process. They will provide guidance on the bidding process, contracting and engineering. Power companies will get a chance to learn how to recover their investments from aging facilities, materials and equipment, thereby minimizing costs.

Building on the success of our previous meetings in New Orleans, Baltimore and Chicago, the fourth event promises to be even bigger and better than ever. Attend and take advantage of this rare opportunity!

EVENT: Electric Energy Storage Conference

January 14 – 16

San Diego, California

Renewable power is one topic that has significantly changed over the past year and is continuing to rapidly grow in the industry. Energy storage has flourished and more technologies have been discovered to be more useful for companies today. With the release of TESLA patents to the entire industry there is a lot more room for improvements throughout the industry.

Through case studies, the heads of energy storage, operations, and research & development from electric utilities will discuss where the market is heading due to these new advances, as well as talk about what companies are finding to be the most successful with current technology. Attending this conference will help one to gain perspective on how to best update and integrate their assets more effectively.

This premier marcus evans 5th Electric Energy Storage Conference will focus on the technology successes when implementing new changes into existing storage systems, how companies are overcoming financial barriers and what it is they need in order to succeed and advance even more with energy storage.


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