Electronics & Cars Recycling (World Recycling Forum) 2016, November 15 – 18, 2016, Macau, China

The world’s reliance on electronic products and digital information continues to feed into the corresponding challenge of how best to recycle the electric- and battery-powered devices that touch all aspects of daily life.


Along with electronics, the automotive sector in Asia has grown tremendously in the past 10 years, bringing with it the responsibilities inherent in properly handling end-of-life vehicles (ELVs).

The 2016 edition of Electronics & Cars Recycling, the premier electronics and cars recycling conference in the Asia-Pacific region, will explore the considerable challenges and bountiful opportunities in these sectors. Conference organizer ICM AG is hosting the 2016 Electronics & Cars Recycling conference from November 15 – 18, 2016 at the Sheraton Grand Macao Hotel in Macau, China.

As in prior events, the 2016 conference will feature speakers from Asia and around the world. They will address a wide spectrum of topics pertaining to how to safely and profitably recycle ELVs, vehicle batteries, end-of-life computers, office equipment, consumer electronics, cell phones and other devices. Topics scheduled to be part of the program include:

  • How to operate successfully in the recycling business in Asia
  • Protecting people and the environment
  • E-scrap transparency
  • Manufacturer take-back schemes and recycling efforts
  • Government initiatives, such as the Circular Economy policy
  • Processing technology advances and trends
  • Reuse and refurbishment
  • Mercury-containing scrap recycling (batteries, lamps, LCDs)
  • ELV depollution and dismantling best practices
  • ELV shredding and downstream materials separation
  • Lead-acid and electric and hybrid vehicle battery recycling


Again in 2016, ICM AG will be organizing optional recycling plant tours and will offer access to an exhibit area that features leading technology and service providers. The conference also is offering additional workshops after the main event.

“This is the best conference for understanding the present policies and different recycling schemes for WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) used in the EU, North America and Asian countries” says Hsiao-Kang Ma, who is professor at the National Taiwan University and a frequent speaker at Electronics & Cars Recycling.

The Forum’s Steering Committee says it has reintroduced car recycling to the annual event because of the growing ELV stream in China, India and the ASEAN region. “More automobiles and trucks are now sold in China each year than in any other nation, and the vehicle boom throughout Asia means a growing stream of ELVs” says Prof. Duan Weng, Chairman of the World Recycling Forum, from Tsinghua University China.

Some 300 recyclers, OEM delegates and government policy makers are expected to attend the Electronics & Cars Recycling 2016 conference. Last year’s event attracted delegates from more than 30 nations, including China, India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore the United States and nations throughout Europe.


For more information and graphic material please contact: 


Susann Schmid

Schwaderhof 7

5708 Birrwil, Switzerland

Phone: +41 62 785 10 00

Phone: +86 182 176 289 10 (Chinese)

Fax: +41 62 785 10 05


About ICM

ICM is an international leader in the organisation of conferences, specialising in the fields of recycling cars, electronics and batteries. These waste streams have been among the world’s fastest growing commodity markets for years. One of the conferences organised by ICM is the “Electronics & Cars Recycling (World Recycling Forum)” which takes place every year in Asia. Over 300 international experts from industry, government agencies and academic institutes use this platform to discuss the latest recycling technologies, regulations, manufacturing processes and raw materials. The conference is accompanied by a trade exhibition with about 30 exhibition booths and offers plant tours to leading raw material companies and various workshops.

ICM AG is a Swiss company which has organised conferences in Europe, North America and Asia since the year 2000 when it was founded by Jeanette Duttlinger. Her team consists of 12 employees who speak German, English, Spanish, Italian, French and Chinese.



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